28 September 2006

I'm trying to post, but Blogger won't let me.


A lot has happened since I last posted. I worked on some posts about various stuff, but have really been swamped and tired over the past few weeks.

I will write more later, I promise. But in summary:
-Bekah got married. It was a great time.
-I learned ever more and more about the problems with the US school system. Things are messed up. You have no idea.
-I learned ever more and more than I'm not very good at teaching middle school children. This bothers me less that it might, as I already knew that middle school wasn't an ideal age group for me. I want to help young people become enthusiastic about science, true, but I am really just getting my feet wet teaching while waiting to go back into grad school. If one wants to teach at college/university level, it looks really good on one's resume to have some teaching experience at any level, so whenever I get really frustrated, I remind myself, "You won't be here forever, and you're building up your CV!"
-On the plus side, teaching socially- and academically-challenged adolescents has given me many humorous anecdotes in a relatively short amount of time. Heehee!
-MIA GOT MARRIED. I can't believe it.

11 September 2006

I'm still alive.

I am keeping busy.

01 September 2006

On my way to Illinois.