25 September 2009

Weekend to-do

I know this is boring, but as Mia has noted, sometimes it helps to post to-do lists online, to provide an imaginary sense of accountability.
  • Go to bank - Done!
  • Sort mail
  • Check e-mail
  • Take N to park
  • Grocery shopping
  • Heath city forms
  • County forms
  • ADP dependent care
  • Advertise Acura
  • Post on blogs
  • Make phone calls
  • Send e-mails
  • Send in support donations
  • Post pictures on Picasa and Facebook
  • Clean fridge
  • Do dishes
  • Clean cat box - Done!
  • Clean bathroom - Done!
  • Hand-washed laundry
  • Fold and put away all other laundry
  • Clean and organize bedroom closet
  • Go through one box
  • File N's daycare papers
  • Make dr appts (do on Monday)
  • Pediatrician - bill and insurance (do on Monday)
  • Passport paperwork (do next week - finally)
  • Send in for diploma (finally)

21 September 2009


See how far I've come! Or, how far I've fallen...

But I decided that Baby Bug and I are real Ohians (Ohio-ans?) and Buckeyes now. If I'm going to move most of the way across the country and totally change my life around, I'm not going to be half-hearted about it. Maybe together, the two of us can enjoy being part of a larger community here.

And let me tell you, the Buckeyes are a HUGE part of the community here. People are CRAZY about Ohio State, especially now that football season has arrived. People are rabid OSU fans, even if they've never been to college (heck, they probably can't even spell it!). So it's sort of self-preservation to start showing a little spirit right about now; I'm beginning to fear that if I don't put an Ohio State pennant in my window, my neighbors will slash my tires.

Oh, I kid, I kid! [But only a little.]

17 September 2009


Busy is when you have to eat lunch at your desk at work.

By contrast, ridiculous is when you pause to catch your breath and realize that you've eaten all three of your meals today at your desk at work.

07 September 2009

I'm willowy

Stop with the "skinny" already. Seriously.

04 September 2009

Experiencing technical difficulties

My home internet is not working, and though I am trouble-shooting, it is still down for the count. I have oodles of post ideas, as well as dozens of photos to put on Picasa and share, and it just might not happen this weekend.

On the plus side, my beloved Elizabeth is visiting for several days, so we're having girl time and I'm looking forward to a great weekend with her.

My new friend from work, Spencer, is getting married on Sunday. He and his fiancee Amy deserve great happiness, so send up a prayer for them, if you think of it. I'll be enjoying their wedding myself, going out for fun with my sister Elizabeth while Naters is with a babysitter; sometimes it's important to get out and about without the baby, you know.

Have a restful and blessed holiday weekend.

02 September 2009


I have been keeping busy, and God is blessing Nathan and me.

I'm excited to be permanent and get even more deeply into work at the Medium Anonymous Technical Company (MATC). My problem is that I just do not have enough hours in the day, and thanks to Nathan, I can't stay at work at all hours anymore, so my workaholic tendencies are tempered.

On a less happy note, my boss is losing heart points, as he told me that now that I'm a permanent employee, I have to get my own cookies. He will rue this day. Rue it, I say!