23 May 2010

Mommy Life

Why yes, there IS a reason why I walked into church an hour late and carrying an unpainted balsa wood toy fire truck. Thanks for asking.

07 May 2010

UO On the Rocks

This video right here very nearly justifies the existence of Lady Gaga.

Awesome Mad Skills

Okay, I have no idea what is driving this sudden spate of work-related clumsiness, but I've had SO MANY incidents in the past few weeks. Is it fatigue? Too many things on my plate? Something of both?

I was in the lab yesterday doing some trouble-shooting on one of my projects. I was sitting on a chair backward, with my arms resting on the seat back. The chair was one of those adjustable-type office chairs, and so the back was leaning with me as I leaned forward. Suddenly, the chair went toppling over, and there I was spilled all over the lab floor. Naturally, instead of rushing forward to assist me and ascertain that I was unharmed, the guys in the room just stood around and laughed. They are very accustomed to my klutziness, and since I usually just pick myself up, dust myself off, and start back into whatever I was doing before I stumbled (or fell over or bumped into something or dropped or spilled something, et cetera), I guess they figure I'm pretty much unbreakable (which, clearly, I am).

I'm more than ready for the weekend!

06 May 2010

Fun times

I went out to the Big Bang Bar in Columbus tonight with Amy and Spencer. They encouraged me to take some time for myself and do something fun with friends.