30 April 2010

Quote of the Day

Emma Caulfield on female comic book superheroes' costumes, and Wonder Woman's in particular: "There's no sense in making her look slutty. Unless she's a slut, and then that makes sense!"

See the entire clip of Crazy Sexy Geeks.

I have strange thoughts.

You know what would be totally awesome?

A Bollywood production of "As You Like It".

29 April 2010

Even Madder Skills

Yesterday at work, I managed to walk into a partly-open door and hit my nose pretty hard. It hurt! I don't have noticeable swelling or a bruise, but it is still painful to touch the area. It doesn't hurt so much, though, that I am unable to see the humor in the situation. How I've managed to live through more than three decades without ever even breaking a bone is a complete mystery, right?!

26 April 2010

Further Mad Skills

This afternoon, I managed to top (or bottom) myself: I cut my thumb on my umbrella! No, really!