14 June 2007

Yet another wedding

So, last Saturday, my cousin Becky got married in Moorpark, CA. I attended the wedding, and it was nice, mostly because I saw my family, both immediate and extended. I don't really know Becky, so while it was nice that she got married (and to a reputedly very nice young man), it doesn't really affect my life at all.

I drove down in the middle of the day, and discovered that Ventura County is very beautiful during the late spring. I spent the afternoon with fam at Mom and Dad's new house in Camarillo. We all got ready and carpooled over to the wedding site.

It was an outdoor wedding in a place called Walnut Grove. I sat with Mom and Dad and Dan and Jen and Mike.

This was my view of the wedding ceremony: the back of someone's head.

I finally got to see the bride and groom as they were walking down the aisle.

At the reception, I mingled with family and relatives. Like Tim and Mia.

And my aunts Rachel and Martha. Both of my dad's sisters are a hoot! I'm actually a lot like my Aunt Martha.

I met my Aunt Rachel's boyfriend Prentiss.

And chilled out with my cousins Steve and Jesse (remember them from pics at Dan's wedding?).

And chatted a while with my cousin Beth:

All of the Price cousins gathered for a photo op. Unfortunately, this is not a good picture. However, I'll try to identify folks from left to right: Steven (in law school), Jesse (student at UCSB), Michael (brother, hidden behind Jesse; engineer/physicist in aerospace), Bob (fireman for LAFD), Deb (obviously uber-cold when this was taken), Tom (tech guru for TEAM), Matt (does something technical in Chicago), Becky (The Bride), Dan (brother; chaplain in US Army), Mike Smith (The Groom), Jen (married to Dan; librarian), Billy (no clue what he's doing with his life), Beth (going into child development and early childhood education), Mia (sister; student at SDSU, working on BA in anthro), Tim (married to Mia; works for USMC).

Blogger lies

I wrote a post and saved it to publish later.

It didn't save. It is gone forever.

Blogger, you have failed me. Why, Blogger, WHY? Why say that you are going to save something if you actually don't?

At least we can be thankful that Jesus is more reliable than Blogger when it come to saving things.

08 June 2007

What's on YOUR plate?

Once upon a time, in the not-too-distant past, Jeff and I were eating at a Chinese buffet. I somehow (well, it was influenced by a futile effort to find sweet-and-sour chicken among the sweet-and-sour shrimp) stumbled upon the brilliant conclusion that one might analyze one's food according to their kingdom/phyla in the taxonomic classification system.

I wasn't too sure about many of the foods (Wouldn't broccoli, rice, and zucchini be closely related-- flowering, seed-bearing plants-- even if they don't taste similar? Answer - Yes.), but my plate turned out to be fairly boring. Jeff's, on the other hand, bore the plants (rice, broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, carrots; phylum Anthophyta), crustaceans (shrimp; phylum Arthropoda), mollusks (scallops; phylum Mollusca), and fungi (mushrooms; phylum Basidiomycota). However, he had no vertebral animal meat on his plate, and I immediately began worrying about the fact that there was no representative from the phylum Chordata. I quickly forked some of my orange chicken and deposited it on his plate. And then realized how weird it was that I was worrying about such a thing, and then proceeded to worry, instead, about being weird.

06 June 2007

Notes written by middle school students, Part Whatever

I confiscated this today.

One person wrote:
iz yo Mom going to buy some chips or somethin for the party?

Another person replied:
i don't know, cuz hopefully it's not at the time when we going shopping, but i think she told yo daddy she will.

Yeah. Boring. My students just didn't come through with the laughs for me. When the end of the school year comes around, not only are they not focused on their work, but they aren't even focused on writing solid, communicative, hilarious [illicit] notes.

04 June 2007

Weekend Report

Nothing much.

I have only 1.5 weeks of school left. Whoop-dee-doo! I'll be sad to let go of some of my kids, but overall, I'll be happier when I'm done with the teaching-middle-school phase of my life. It's been a great experience, overall, and I am glad that I had it. But I know it's not a permanent thing.

Currently, I'm trying to find what is my permanent thing. Folks, I need a destiny!

01 June 2007

Happy Birthday!

To my dear friend Rebekah (Newell) Farber, who is someone that I've known literally as long as I can remember. Bekah has been almost everywhere and done almost everything, since she was born in Bandung, grew up in Irian Jaya, went to high school and college in the American Midwest, then worked in the Philippines before getting her masters degree at Moody and then getting married and moving to Phoenix, AZ. A diligent, intelligent, godly woman, Bekah is someone that I greatly admire and appreciate.

To my brother-in-law Tim, whose birthday is actually on 30 May, but I was deceived by his MySpace, which claimed that it was the 31st. Tim is a great addition to our family, and I enjoy spending time with him. He is especially nice to me, considering the fact that I apparently scared him when he first met me. I know, I know. Me scary? Pshaw. But anyway, by all appearances, Tim makes my baby sister happy, so he's acceptable to me.