14 June 2007

Yet another wedding

So, last Saturday, my cousin Becky got married in Moorpark, CA. I attended the wedding, and it was nice, mostly because I saw my family, both immediate and extended. I don't really know Becky, so while it was nice that she got married (and to a reputedly very nice young man), it doesn't really affect my life at all.

I drove down in the middle of the day, and discovered that Ventura County is very beautiful during the late spring. I spent the afternoon with fam at Mom and Dad's new house in Camarillo. We all got ready and carpooled over to the wedding site.

It was an outdoor wedding in a place called Walnut Grove. I sat with Mom and Dad and Dan and Jen and Mike.

This was my view of the wedding ceremony: the back of someone's head.

I finally got to see the bride and groom as they were walking down the aisle.

At the reception, I mingled with family and relatives. Like Tim and Mia.

And my aunts Rachel and Martha. Both of my dad's sisters are a hoot! I'm actually a lot like my Aunt Martha.

I met my Aunt Rachel's boyfriend Prentiss.

And chilled out with my cousins Steve and Jesse (remember them from pics at Dan's wedding?).

And chatted a while with my cousin Beth:

All of the Price cousins gathered for a photo op. Unfortunately, this is not a good picture. However, I'll try to identify folks from left to right: Steven (in law school), Jesse (student at UCSB), Michael (brother, hidden behind Jesse; engineer/physicist in aerospace), Bob (fireman for LAFD), Deb (obviously uber-cold when this was taken), Tom (tech guru for TEAM), Matt (does something technical in Chicago), Becky (The Bride), Dan (brother; chaplain in US Army), Mike Smith (The Groom), Jen (married to Dan; librarian), Billy (no clue what he's doing with his life), Beth (going into child development and early childhood education), Mia (sister; student at SDSU, working on BA in anthro), Tim (married to Mia; works for USMC).


Willow said...

My photo of the cousins has Dan hidden behind Mike Smith the groom. Looks like Mike has three ears.

Miss Jen said...

great pics! hope you waved at my hometown as you drove through. Moorpark is lovely! if your folks are in camarillo, they're about 15 minutes from my folks. maybe we can see to it that we all visit our folks about the same time.