28 May 2012

Buyer's Remorse

Okay, I'm not really an impulsive person, and I very seldom make impulse purchases. However, I was at TJ Maxx the other night looking for something else entirely when I happened upon this outfit and really liked it.
Cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors and tends to flatter my complexion, plus both the dress and the shoes were marked down to a great price! Cha-ching!

Now, though, I'm wondering if I should return them. I don't NEED them. I never have a reason to dress up. I kind of want to keep them, though, because what if I DO need to dress up and a little black dress isn't right for the occasion? Also, it's difficult for me to find clothes, especially dresses, that fit nicely and flatter my shape. I've griped about this topic on my blog before, but really, "tall, slim, and curvy" is one of the most challenging body types to dress. Tops and dresses that are extensive enough to hang properly on a long torso and limbs tend to be so large as to be baggy and swallow up the wearer, making one look drab and dumpy. (See: A lot of what I wore during my college years.) However, moving in the opposite direction can veer dangerously close to Jessica Rabbit territory. No bueno!

This dress keeps everything covered but is short enough to look summery and fun enough to look as if it doesn't belong in the "mother of the bride" section of the shop.

What do you think, dear readers? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

24 May 2012

Late nights

Hi, internet! Have I mentioned recently that I have chronic insomnia? It's pretty much the bane of my life since it is not advisable for me to take prescription meds for the condition.

I talked to my doctor about it at my last physical, and she asked if I had tried natural remedies such as chamomile tea, valerian, and warm milk. Answer: Yes, yes, and (blech) yes. So she just shrugged and suggested trying some relaxation techniques. Sure, doc, I'd love to do those techniques, and if you would come over to watch my child, cook some meals, clean my house, wash some dishes and laundry, etc, I'm certain I could finally find some time for it. And even with relaxation, I'm a remarkably tense person.

Oy vey. All I know is, work will really suck tomorrow.

22 May 2012

More Workplace Shenanigans

Received this message from my coworker:

For a brief moment this morning, I knew exactly what it was like to be you. Or at least pretty close. I asked Travis* if his girlfriend was okay with him going to Hookahville** without her. He said she gave him a look and kind of stared at him like Cyclops. So I said, "What, she only had one eye?" He's like "No, Cyclops, like she had a laser beam coming from her eyes at me." Turns out, it was not the Greek mythology Cyclops he was referring to. It was the X-Men version.

Yes, dear readers, it's nice to be understood once in a while.

*our coworker
**small hippie music festival taking place in Thornville this weekend

16 May 2012

In the News

Stupidest headline I've seen so far today : "Is China’s crackdown on foreigners about crime or illegal immigration?" (from msnbc.com)

If this particular immigration is illegal, i.e. against the law, isn't that in itself a crime? Unbelievable. I believe our noble fourth estate is about to enter foreclosure, people.

06 May 2012

How Things Happen

Question: What is Beatrice's role toward Dante?
9 pm
Me: Beatrice is Dante's teacher.
Everyone else: No, no, that can't be it.
12:00 am
Everyone else: Beatrice is portrayed as Dante's teacher.
Me: *facepalm*

Oh, well.

05 May 2012


I'm in a session of a weekend-long seminar on Dante's Divine Comedy. It reminds me of how much I need to read and study more. I can't believe how many layers there are to unwrap: symbolism of colors, numbers, etc.; classical allusions; philosophical references.

Life is too short to read everything worthwhile.