24 May 2012

Late nights

Hi, internet! Have I mentioned recently that I have chronic insomnia? It's pretty much the bane of my life since it is not advisable for me to take prescription meds for the condition.

I talked to my doctor about it at my last physical, and she asked if I had tried natural remedies such as chamomile tea, valerian, and warm milk. Answer: Yes, yes, and (blech) yes. So she just shrugged and suggested trying some relaxation techniques. Sure, doc, I'd love to do those techniques, and if you would come over to watch my child, cook some meals, clean my house, wash some dishes and laundry, etc, I'm certain I could finally find some time for it. And even with relaxation, I'm a remarkably tense person.

Oy vey. All I know is, work will really suck tomorrow.


MirCat said...

If possible, I'd ask your doc to do a simple blood test for thyroid levels, just to make sure you're not veering into hyperthyroid territory--that can account for weird inability to sleep plus manic energy at other times. It can also be triggered by stress. :(

Kiti said...

Miriam - I didn't even know you read my blog!

I do not have hyperthyroidism. I do not have any episodes of manic energy (which would actually be useful). Also, I have already had various blood tests done, including checks for thyroid irregularities.

My insomnia is probably triggered by stress. I've had episodes of it since high school. You know how high-strung I can be.