30 June 2009

Past value

Now that I am looking to hire babysitters every so often, I realize how valuable a responsible, reliable babysitter is. I did a lot of babysitting in high school, and didn't charge a whole lot, and now, in retrospect, I think I undervalued myself. I could have charged twice as much! Ah, well.


I decided to delete my previous post, as it turned out to be more controversial than I'd expected. I have no fear of controversy, but this particular topic just didn't warrant that much attention. It seemed way funnier when I posted it late at night than it was in the morning. Lol.

26 June 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Remember, birthdays mark increases in wisdom, and nothing else.


So it turns out that Michael Jackson, like Socrates, was mortal. But I don't know why his death should have taken anyone by surprise. Mr. Jackson himself obviously found it to be his teleological end, and prepared himself (and the world) by spending the past twenty years looking ever more like a corpse.

Joan Collins' corpse, to be exact.

25 June 2009

Best. Video. Ever.

Truly, quite possibly the best video in the history of Youtube. It has stiff competition from "Timaeus: the Movie!" and "All Things Are Better in Koine", but "Buffy vs Edward" has one thing the others lack: BUFFY.

21 June 2009

Happy Birthday, Jane Russell!!

Living legend Jane Russell is 88 today.

I was surprised to discover that despite Ms. Russell's sex symbol status as the femme fatale of many a film noir or as an alluring musical comedy star, she is openly and proudly a politically conservative Christian woman. She is, in particular, an outspoken advocate for life and for the rights of tiny unborn babies to not be horrifically tortured and murdered. In keeping with her concern for the welfare of children, Jane Russell also has supported and promoted adoption agencies for years and adopted three children of her own, none of whom has breathed any sort of "mommie dearest" rumors, so she is probably a pretty good mother to boot.

Jane shows her skills as a comedienne, holding her own with Bob Hope in The Paleface and helping to introduce the Oscar-winning song "Buttons and Bows"...
...And matches wits with frequent co-star Robert Mitchum in the atmospheric exotic drama Macao.
May the Lord continue to bless you and expand your territory, using you to bless others in turn. We'll meet in heaven some day!

18 June 2009

Great time-waster!

I found this linked from the LolCats.

Play to let the cat nom 4 fud! Addictive. Sometimes frustrating. Sort of like a bizarre concept for pool.

14 June 2009

Seriously, people, you're killing me here.

So in church this morning, there was one song where the slides HAD NOT ONE SINGLE BIT OF PUNCTUATION. Not one. Except... EXCEPT apostrophes in all occurrences of the word "it's", which UNFORTUNATELY was TOTALLY WRONG, because it should have been "its", being used as a possessive pronoun, NOT a contraction of "it is".

It's just cruel. [See what I just did, right there? I used "it's" appropriately.]

09 June 2009

How hard is it?


No, really, how hard IS it? Because apparently NOBODY involved in slide production in ANY of the churches that I have attended over the past DECADE has figured out how to do it. I am fed up enough that I might volunteer, even though nobody has figured out how to ask for help, either. Is grammar a spiritual gift?

I'm going over into the corner with the Panda, to sulk together and commiserate about apostrophes (soon to be the topic of another post, I'm sure).

07 June 2009

Catching up

I have so many friends I need to call and email and send things to.

Meanwhile, I am all moved in, and mostly unpacked.

04 June 2009

Orang Tua

Mums and Dad have come for a visit. They very kindly drove from SoCal with a moving truck, bringing me most of my stuff, and the kitty cats (who are VERY GLAD to be done with being trapped in a vehicle). Honestly, though, my parents did not come to see me very much. They came to see Nathan! I was afraid that he would not remember his grandparents, but he smiled and laughed and went to them immediately. And that was nothing compared to the transports of joy he experienced when seeing the cats. *chortle chortle chortle* He was pretty stoked about life last night, let me tell you.

Willow always has her camera, so I'm sure we'll have pictures shortly.

02 June 2009

Blast from the Past

Okay, I can't believe that I have neglected to mention this for more than three months: Blink-182 has reunited and is going on tour this summer! This makes me happy. And, they will be touring with Weezer and Fall Out Boy! There is talk about All-American Rejects in there, too. A million fangirls went into overdrive.

One would probably have to sell one's soul AND one's firstborn to get tickets.

Me want! Me wish!

01 June 2009

More Birthday

And a Happy Birthday (late) to Tim, my darling brother-in-law! I forgot this weekend, and I'm so sorry! I have had a lot on my mind lately...