29 July 2006

Counting down

Well, things are moving along, life-wise. We are heading into the craziness of wedding season, with one down last weekend, and five more to go by mid-November:
Sherida - August 12
Bekah Newell - September 2
Mia - September 23
Christina - October 22
Another wedding that is yet to be publicly revealed - November 11 (most likely)
My employers are pretty tired of me requesting days off, but they are being very understanding, since they know that weddings are important and as a friend and sister, I NEED to be there for the lucky people.

In other news, Jeff and I are now virtual parents! No, really. We have had a young lady, in her late teenage years, move in with us. She is a relatively recent Christian, needed a place to live, and wanted to be with Christian folks that could mentor her in her faith and in life skills. Jeff and I had an open room or two, so we were happy to take in a token waif. Pray for Kendra!

Work is getting busy. I have new responsibilities, what with people leaving the company while things are heating up, business-wise, and I would prefer to just be doing what I was hired to do. I'm an INTJ! Let me do my problem-solving thing! I really enjoy being a solutions specialist, helping people improve their lives and their enterprises with technology. Business development and product management? Not my strength, and not what I want to do. Oh, well, we can only do our best, and no more.

The exercise thing is going along nicely. Now I remember why I didn't really exercise for the past few years: it takes too much time! Yeesh! Exercising for an hour? That's 1/24 of my day! Going 3-4 times/week is fine so far, though. Pilates is pretty easy for me, so I think I'm going to just do that once/week, and then challenge myself with cardio and lifting weights the rest of the time.

Finally, Jeff and I might have found an almost-decent Chinese restaurant in this town. I thought it was bland, but didn't order anything that would normally be really zippy, anyway.

Catch you on the flip side, all! It's bedtime.

28 July 2006


Do we all know what D.E.A.R. is? It comes from, I think, Ramona Quimby, Age 8, and means Drop Everything And Read. And so I have done, or shortly will do.

I've joined a book club! Or more accurately, I've started one. I really want to be motivated to read and discuss great literature. So, with people from Bible study, as well as a few other places, we're going to begin reading books and meeting together. We want to be Christian in focus, although not necessarily strictly Christian in designation. We decided to have our first book be The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, as it is short, easy reading, and has the added benefit of being familiar and accessible.

So, fun for me!

27 July 2006

Not much to report at present. Perhaps there will be more tomorrow or the day after.

Recently, I've amused myself by thinking of various unique ways to say "He's not very bright."
There are the old standards, such as "Not the brightest bulb on the tree" or "The elevator doesn't go all the way to the top floor". Here are a few of my new ones:
-Not the sharpest blade in the Swiss army knife.
-Not the highest-rising muffin in the pan.
-A few donuts short of a squad car.

We're a good way through Season 4 of Angel, and I must say, I don't much care for the writing this season. A lot of it can be summed up with the word, "Ew!!" It's interesting, though, to see a few of the ways that Joss Whedon managed to find employment for his out-of-work Firefly actors.

Great Angel quote: "For a taciturn shadowy guy, I've got a big mouth."
Great Groosalugg quote: "Hail to you potential client."
Great Cordy quote: "Am I wrong in thinking that a "please" and "thank you" is generally considered good form when requesting a dismemberment?" Aw, Cordy!
Bonus Cordy quote: "Hey, the last thing I want is to show up at the office and find that I'm working for a homicidal monster."
Great Wesley quote: "If you've come to tell me you killed your parents, could it wait until another time?"
And remember, the Gateway to Lost Souls is under the LA post office!

25 July 2006

Wedding, Part the Third

After the whole she-bang was over, and Jim and Sharon departed to their destination, a flock of us went over to Cheesecake Factory in Fresno. I got to talk with Dan, Kevin, and Will (mostly Will).
REPRESENT!!! (And check out Mike kissing his girlfriend in the background of the second picture. Mweheheh.)

Then I went back home with six guys in tow, found places for all of them to sleep, and crashed into bed myself. Sunday morning, I woke up, cooked pancakes for breakfast (it's all about the Bisquick, people), went to church, snoozed on the couch, and planned a Bible study around Acts chapter 1. Jeff came home (from his trip to Montebello), we went to Bible study, and that was that. The spectre of Monday had returned...

Wedding, Part the Second

At the reception, the punch was excellent and the cake was decent. I did sit with Joi and Jessy, along with Tracy Chappiari, Marcy Ratcliff, Andrea Haddock (dressed, as per usual, as though she were headed next to a Renaissance Faire), and some people (not known to me) named Ben and Bonnie.
Photo credits (in order): me with Joi (Ah you ready, Weavah?!), me with Reverend Dan in his dress uniform, Will with Jessy (whose romance I somehow intuitively picked up on during the ceremony, looking at Jessy in the pew next to me and thinking, "She'd be so great for Will! I wonder if there's something going on between them".), me with Will, and the bride and groom (I don't think Sharon knew I was taking the picture).

Wedding, Part the First

As promised, here is a chronicle of the weekend events, mostly focused on the wedding.

Saturday was the wedding of James, whom I like very much, and Sharon, whom I do not know and therefore cannot honestly claim to like, although I'm sure I would like her if I did know her. I was very happy for the groom and bride, but also happy for me, as I had a chance to bless people and have much fun, serving as a hostess for several of the men involved with the wedding. They were around for three nights, and they kept multiplying!

It started on Thursday night, when Kakak Rev Graf Spee and Mike Davis arrived. Friday night, we added Lemming-Will and K-W, and Saturday, post-wedding, Matt Herchenroeder and Ted Jager. All the guys were in the wedding in some capacity: Will was best man, the others were groomsmen, except for the Reverend GS, who offered scripture during the ceremony. It was interesting, since I've known GS my whole life, know Will and Kevin pretty well, Mike and Matt slightly, and Ted not at all. For my part, I was just a dull and ordinary guest, so I had fun most of the weekend, not having to wear a tux or military dress uniform. That was significant, because it was HOT. I hear you ask, "How hot was it?" It was so hot that the plastic cup in my car melted on Saturday afternoon. I kid you not. Exhibit A. On the left is a normal Starbucks cup; on the right is the Starbucks cup that was in my cupholder in my car.

Okay, well, anyway, the wedding was fairly standard, as weddings go. I had fun playing "spot the homeschooler" (yes, there were some women in jumpers), "spot the missionary" (I'm allowed to play that one, and yes, they were wearing cotton print short-sleeved button-up shirts, which is perfectly respectable formal attire in Africa and Asia), and my personal favorite, "spot the homeschooling missionary" (yes, I am evil, but what else is new?). I got to sit with Jessy Wall and Joi Weaver (who grinned and whispered, when I sat down in the pew, "Welcome to the Buffy row!"), and all three of us were proper hymn-singers, in that we sang the correct Ebenezer line in the congregational hymn, "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing". Heehee! Anyway, there was a pronounced Lord of the Rings theme, which isn't heretical or anything, but I find it hard to accept as wedding material, even if we are in the thoroughly modern 21st century. Dear Dr. Sanders was one of the officiants, and I kind of think he doesn't like me, since he looked awkward and sort of muttered "Hi" when he saw me at the reception, but I'd rather think that he was merely stricken dumb with envy, having to wear long sleeves while I was cool and comfortable in my dressily flower-printed racerback tank top. But I digress. Jim and Sharon were properly married, and that is the important thing. It was truly sweet and lovely.

I saw some people I hadn't seen for a while, including Dustin and Katie Guenther, who have just passed their anniversary of their first year of marriage (I went to their wedding last summer), and Rebecca Carroll, who was one of the bridesmaids, and is to be commended for escaping from Visalia and getting a good job in Southern California.

Going, going, gone...


Oh, that historic Anaheim campus!

Hi, Cricket!!

I didn't know you read my blog regularly. I knew you read it at least once, but now I must welcome you to my regular readership!

PS If you have a blog, I couldn't get to it by clicking on it in your profile.

24 July 2006

Great weekend

Wow, I'm so tired, and not ready for the beginning of a new week.

I had a fabulous weekend, though. You'll hear all about it tomorrow.

19 July 2006


This weekend, Jeff and I made yet another whirlwind trip down to the LA area. We were going down to see friends and family at the more-or-less annual Alternate Banquet, which became smaller and more intimate this year through necessity.

Jeff and I interrupt our cheesecake-eating to pose for a photo.

The whole gang: Sandra and William, Jeremy (sans Sara, who was at her grandfather's funeral in OR), Mum and Dad, Deb and Jeff, Elizabeth, Mia, Christina and Will. I love these people!

Sister pose! We're practicing for the future, when we'll rule art gallery openings, embassy balls, and the proverbial red carpet with a double set of well-manicured iron fists (in velvet gloves, of course).

We returned on Sunday to have Bible study. We are starting a study of the book of Acts. People had originally wanted to speed through Acts in 10-12 lessons, but after my introductory overview, they agreed to a happier 23-lesson plan. Heheheh.

We've both been working hard, and we've also been to the gym a few times. I'm trying Pilates, which is actually really easy for me, as I have (for some unknown reason) naturally strong abs. I am making an effort to have a good attitude about exercise.

18 July 2006

Fug Watch: Warped Tour 2006

I am terribly sad that I didn't think to start taking random pictures before the end of our time at the Warped Tour, as these are only a small sampling of the bizarre and downright inappropriate outfits I saw then, all of which just begged for a mocking.

For example, these guys just didn't even try. This isn't the Middle-class White Sports Fans Convention! Would it have killed them to put forth a little effort, and gotten at least a fake tattoo?

And, of course, Sallie Sue was utterly confused, because the Rodeo Slut Ball isn't even being held anywhere near Fresno County this year.

This girl's hair clashed with her shirt clashed with her tutu (!) clashed with everything else at the event!!!

I can only imagine the conversation that went on at the entrance booth, when this girl showed up.

EVENT STAFF: We're sorry, miss, but we can't let you in. Our rules clearly state that you must be wearing a shirt in order to enter the premises.
GIRL: I am wearing a shirt. See? It's a tank top, and it's draped around my shoulders.
EVENT STAFF: We can't argue with that logic. Our apologies, miss. Please come right in!

And a tip for the guys out there: When chicks are out in warm weather, and flip up their shirts to expose their tummies, it's totally HOTT (as long as the chicks ain't fat and ugly, am I right?), but when bros do it, it's NOT ATTRACTIVE, especially if they are wearing baggy pants that droop to expose tacky, clashing boxer shorts...

13 July 2006

I was in San Francisco. Had a good time doing training with my buddy Alice. So... tired...

KNN (Kiti News Network)

This just in: Drama drama drama at the SATC!!!

What do you think about business trips? They are tiring, but a sad necessity. What would you think of a man who didn't go on a business trip because his girlfriend wouldn't let him? What would you think if the backstory was that the girlfriend (non-employee) had been under the mistaken impression that she was going to be allowed to go on the trip, too, and threw a tantrum when it was made clear that she simply wasn't going to be joining him in the company-paid car? And the man had been told (by the boss) that she was not allowed, but he still tried to convince his co-workers (who had also been briefed by the boss) to take her anyway? And he kept his co-workers waiting in the parking lot for 30 minutes while he fought with his girlfriend, and then he just came down and said, "I won't be going with you, then"?
True story. Seriously. I know. I can picture your jaw dropping as you read the above paragraph.

Honestly, the girlfriend must be uber-scary, because this guy thought it was preferable to piss me off in an effort to placate her! And how useful is it to try to convince me to do something that I've stated that I will not do, especially because (1) it's unprofessional, (2) the fellow in charge (who is paying for the trip) has said must not happen, and (3) I just don't want to? [Answer: Not useful at all.]

Anyway, events followed their natural course, and the man no longer has a job. I'm guessing he won't have a girlfriend for much longer.

And that's just the tip of the drama iceberg. Working at a Humongous Anonymous Technical Company did have some advantages, such as the fact that people's personal problems were not readily in evidence, not to mention the fact that it was easy to hide in the crowd and avoid crossfire.

12 July 2006

John Gay meets Damon Runyon

Last week, while in San Francisco, Alice and I went to a play. This was no ordinary play. This was a Marxist-cum-Fascist (although I think the latter bit was an unhappy accident of human nature, not authorial intent) musical by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht. Left-wing propagandist entertainment in San Francisco? I'm stunned!

Happy End is a tale of a murderous gangster who reluctantly falls in love with a plucky Salvation Army lass, and of the cast of wacky (if ultimately unpleasant) characters surrounding them. [No, it's not Guys and Dolls, but you're forgiven for being confused.] The score wasn't that great, in my opinion, but then I have only slight appreciation for Weill and Brecht, since experimental German theatre has never been my thing. There were a few good songs, such as "The Bilbao Song", "The Mandalay Song", and "Surabaya Johnny", but the sum of the parts is really greater than the whole, in this case. However, it was a good experience just to see live theatre again.

10 July 2006

The Girl at the Rock Show

Or, I Couldn't Wait for the Summer and the WARPED TOUR!
Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love* the West.

Today, I went to my first ever real rock concert. And it was a whole bunch of concerts rolled into one! Yes, Jeff and I went to the Warped Tour in Fresno. I can't even begin to summarize everything that we saw, but I can say that it was quite an experience and I had a blast.

We arrived before 11, which was good, as some bands started playing around 11:15. We wandered around and visited a lot of the smaller stages, as we liked a lot of that music better. We made sure to see Motion City Soundtrack, who were headlining the tour this year, because we think they're okay but mostly because hey! we'd heard of them. We also made a point of checking out Cartel. There were many booths among the stages: record companies and radio stations, bands, clothing brands, political action-type groups (like PETA--very odd), etc. There was even a Trojan booth, handing out condoms; I wasn't entirely sure what the condoms were for, unless Jeff and I were going to get a lot more show for our money than we'd anticipated (actually, no; oh, well). Jeff bought some CDs and signed up on a few mailing lists (he even signed up at the PETA booth, just to get a free DVD). We had to buy some food and drinks, which were reasonably priced for an event like this, except for the water: $3 for a 24-ounce bottle.

The bands kept interspersing their sets with commentary on how hot it was: 104 F. It didn't feel quite that hot to me, but I was warm. I guess even with touring all over the continent in the middle of summer, the Warped Tour bands don't always encounter such intense conditions, even though I had assumed that the east and midwest would be almost as hot and twice as humid. The whole event was on blacktop, in a parking lot, so there was a lot of heat coming up from the ground, as well as beating down from the sky. I got sunburned, despite putting on sunscreen.

We only stayed till c. 4 pm, as poor Jeff was tired and hot and hurting from walking and standing all day. I must say, when it comes to events like concerts and dancing, I'm the one with a lot more stamina. I would have been happy to stay for another 3-4 hours!

Bands we saw, that we at least liked:
Amber Pacific
8 Fingers Down
Hit the Lights
Motion City Soundtrack
Saves the Day
Meg & Dia

Bands I wish I'd seen, but we were listening to something else:
Rise Against
Everytime I Die
Pretty in Stereo

Bands I wish I'd seen, but we left before they played:
My American Heart
Less Than Jake
The Academy Is...

My friends and family know that I have not always embraced my enforced tenure in the Western world. I still do not feel comfortable in the US. It is my belief (no longer a fear, but a simple acceptance) that I never will. However, my experience with punk and alternative rock music has proven to be of such value in my life, allowing me to see another part of this culture and understand something of what the unsaved are like in this corner of the world. Yes, God uses punk rock to change lives. Who knew?!? Anyway, I'm resigned to my plight, and even learning to embrace it. After all, they don't have the Warped Tour in New Guinea.

*Or at least, Tolerate.

08 July 2006

Life Report

What have I been up to for the past few months?

Obviously, I've been working a lot, and traveling a lot. In between times, I've had a bit of fun here and there.

Last month, I went down to the LA area to attend Sara Brown's graduation from Talbot. I'm so proud of her! She and I know the true evils of Talbot's ICD program.

Last weekend, Jeff and I were treated to an impromptu visit from Sara and Jeremy, as they were driving north on the 5 to see Jeremy's family for the holiday weekend and one of their tires failed. They were a reasonably short distance from our house, so they drove across the 198 and spent the night, got their car fixed in the morning, and were on their way again... It was just fun to have them with us for a short time.

Our US Independence Day celebration (i.e. our celebration of the move from taxation without representation to taxation with representation) was fairly low-key. We had dinner with Jeff's family, and set off some [entirely legal] fireworks once it was dark. Jerry and Debbie were watching a Prairie Home Companion televised special, and I realised, once again, that Garrison Keillor is absolutely unfunny. I do not understand how that man has managed to sustain a dull and pointless radio show for more than 20 years, and probably even made some money at it. Why would anyone make a movie of it? Lame, lame, lame, ad nauseum a la H.L. Mencken.

The biggest recent news is that Jeff and I have joined a fitness center. This is notable because I enjoy participating in exercise just about as much as a cat enjoys doing synchronized swimming. I love to dance, but exercising simply for the sake of exercising is just so difficult for me. Have you ever noticed that many gym machines look like medieval torture devices?* Coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, we did the preliminary fitness evaluation and everything, and the exercise physiologist set my goal as losing 1 pound. My real goal is to trim down enough to wear that size 2 bridesmaid gown in Christina's wedding in October. I'm going to try and be a good girl, and eat right and exercise.

Overall, I'm doing well at present, but I really miss my family and friends down south. Fortunately, I'm going to be seeing many of them next weekend. I'll just have to hang on till then.

*Note: If you ever do a Google image search for "medieval torture device" or something along those lines, be prepared for some pretty bizarre and eye-opening hits. That's all I have to say.

07 July 2006

Thursday random fifteen

I put my iPod on shuffle at work this afternoon, and here's what it spit out:
Look at Us Now, Serena Paris - I think this was the dance mix. I remember when they used to play this song on the radio, in the early 2000s. It seems so very long ago.
She Will Be Loved, Maroon 5 - Hey, I still like Maroon 5. I think they have talent. They need to stop flirting with boybandhood, though, and put some solid music in their next effort.
We are the Waiting, Green Day - Ah, yes. I know I am anxious see what Green Day will do after their American Idiot success. For one thing, it doesn't bode well, long-term, to constantly vilify one's target market (unless, of course, one is Groucho Marx).
Track 15, Various Artists - I admit it. I have no clue what this song is, or what album it was from. It was a random sort of jazz thing.
Du bist die Ruh, Renee Fleming - I like opera, but found this aria somewhat colourless.
Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year, Fallout Boy - Not emu. Emo. There's a difference.
Mutt, Blink-182 - *sniff* Blink-182 is still my favorite band. Ever.
Marie Marie, Marlene Dietrich - This takes me back to high school. I spent a lot of time with the old vinyl records I'd check out of the library, becoming acquainted with music of another time. I met Dietrich, Piaf, and Connie Francis.
Stay Together for the Kids, Blink-182 - More Blink-182. Huh.
Vittoria/Ave Maria, Opera Babes - It's time for another good idea/bad idea. Opera? Good idea. Techno opera? Bad idea. Oh, well, Opera Babes, it was a noble effort. PS The mezzo is fabulous, the first soprano not so much. Look into it.
Don't Tell Me That It's Over, Blink-182 - Wow, what are the odds? I mean, I don't have that many Blink-182 songs on my iPod...
I Would Walk 500 Miles, Less than Jake - Fun punkish cover of a well-known song.
Get Happy, Judy Garland - One of the greatest pop/jazz recordings of the 20th century. That's all.
O Little Town of Bethlehem, Jewel - I deleted my Christmas playlist, but apparently, that didn't delete the songs themselves from the iPod's song library.
I Wanna Be Loved, Helen Kane - Oldie but goodie. Boop-boop-be-doop! Helen Kane was something of a real-life model for the cartoon character Betty Boop.

06 July 2006

I neglected to mention a special birthday a few days ago (Monday): HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRISTIE HALLETT! Christie does not really participate in this blog, but she is a wonderful, adorable person that I've loved for many years.

I am making sure not to be late with this special birthday greeting, so I'm posting it now:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SARA BROWN! Best friend since age 13. I hope you have a great year of being 29 (*gulp*).

Here we are in Zion National Park (Utah 1998--Pure Adventure! Great memories!). I always love looking at pictures of myself with Sara, as she is a tiny petite woman who makes me look like an oversized Amazon by contrast. Heheh.

It is, it is a glorious thing

Best Operetta Ever

I have memorized all the songs and practically all of the dialogue. If you see only one filmed/televised '80s Broadway adaptation of a 19th-century operetta this year, it should be this one!

Eat your heart out, Johnny Depp. You'll never be even half the pirate that Kevin Kline is.

I wish more people were devoted to operetta. Gilbert and Sullivan, in particular, are surprisingly relevant. After all, with their wordplay and funny songs, crazy situations, and outrageous characters (satirizing well-known personages of the day), the Savoy operettas were the Victorian equivalent of Saturday Night Live (the primary difference being that at D'Oyly Carte, real talent was required; Ashlee Simpson would never have gotten close enough to a mic to even think about lip-synching).

So far, I've advanced the cause of Gilbert and Sullivan, light opera, and the 1983 production of Pirates of Penzance; made casual reference to an upcoming pirate film, likely to prove popular; and laid a smack down on Ashlee Simpson: All in a good night's blogging.

05 July 2006

Notes in passing

Yesterday was the birthday of the lovely Eva Marie Saint, remembered primarily for winning a Best Supporting Actress Oscar opposite Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront and climbing around Mount Rushmore with Cary Grant in Hitchcock's North by Northwest. The Saint is still working today, of course, releasing two movies in 2005, and having a featured role in no less than this summer's popular film Superman Returns.

02 July 2006

A cursory check of IMDB revealed that this is also the birthday of the fabulous Leslie Caron and Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet.


24 today!

01 July 2006

Classic beauty

I'm realizing that I just got to be sending out the shout-outs to our living legends--more and more are dying every year, and a sad thing it is...

And so, I say:
She is 90 years old today.

Perfectly photogenic Olivia de Havilland began in films in 1935 and achieved stardom with amazing rapidity. She was only 19 when she won critical and popular attention with lead roles in A Midsummer Night's Dream (she portrayed Hermia) and Captain Blood (beginning a teaming with Errol Flynn that would last several years; notorious womanizer Flynn was deeply in love with Olivia for a significant portion of those years, but she resisted his advances). However, lovely Miss de Havilland was not content with being just a pretty leading lady in costume pictures; she began fighting (taking it all the way to court and winning a landmark legal battle) for better roles, despite studio opposition. I, for one, am glad that she did not immediately succeed in her quest, for her Maid Marian (opposite Flynn in The Adventures of Robin Hood) is a cinematic treasure. However, she found a solid place in the Hollywood pantheon with her sweetly steely Melanie in Gone With the Wind, earning her first Oscar nomination and her only one in the Supporting Actress category (she lost to costar Hattie McDaniel). Her first Best Actress nom came with Hold Back the Dawn; she lost the award this time to younger sister Joan Fontaine! Olivia had the last laugh, though: she received three more Best Actress nominations, winning two of them, for To Each His Own (1946) and The Heiress (1949). With the 1950s and cultural changes, film roles became scarcer for Olivia, but she kept working some in theatre and television. She is now retired in Paris, France, but active in church work.


We wish a very happy birthday to John Gay, the playwright who wrote The Beggar's Opera.

It is also a birthday of beautiful and gifted silent film star Madge Bellamy (who would have been 107 today), early talkies tough girl Glenda Farrell (aka Torchy Blane, who would have been 102), beautiful and talented Susan Hayward (Oscar winner, would have been 88), comedienne Mary Livingstone (wife of Jack Benny, would be 100), and playwright Lillian Hellman (paramour of Dashiell Hammett, who would be 101). Then there is Lizzy Caplan (24, who portrayed Janis Ian in Mean Girls, one of my favorite movies).

And don't (despite the fact that I did) forget Jamie Alexander, Biola's own actor-currently-going-nowhere. I met him (he lived in Emerson) when we were both undergrads, and I thought he was pretty lame. He was supposedly this talented performer, but he wasn't very interesting as a person.

So, there we go. Everything from a producer/writer of a centuries-long hit to a boring Biolan.


Dear Lena Horne,

I know you'll never read this, but I just want to say, I'm a huge fan. I have been since 1990. I first encountered you when Dad showed us That's Entertainment, very soon after we had moved to the US. You were singing "Honeysuckle Rose" in a beautiful white gown: it was a clip from Thousands Cheer. I thought, "Who is that beautiful singer?" Over the next few years, I was to learn more, and gain respect.

Now I have some of your recordings, and listen to them on a regular basis.

I loved your performance as Julie in the "Show Boat" vignette from Till the Clouds Roll By, although I understand why MGM didn't let you play the role in the the Show Boat film (But wouldn't it be so interesting if they had?).

You are classy and talented, and I hope you are healthy and enjoying life at 89.

Kiti Fantastico