26 October 2010

Paul is dead

Paul the Octopus has gone to that big coral reef in the sky...

23 October 2010


Some things I did today:
-went to the bank
-went to the costume shop
-cleaned the bathroom
-washed/dried two loads of laundry
-sorted recyclables
-took a bag of stuff to Goodwill
-put gas in the car
-took recycling to dropoff bins
-bought groceries
-went home and put groceries away
-took care of the Little Bug all day
-bathed the Little Bug and put him to bed
Some things I need to finish before I go to bed:
-finish and put away laundry
-tidy kitchen
-tidy front room and Nathan's room
-shower and brush teeth and toss myself into bed

15 October 2010

CoN: VotDT

I must confess that I am very much looking forward to the December release of this film, despite the overall disappointment that was the misguided Prince Caspian, plus the fact that the producers somehow felt the need to make Dawn Treader 3D.

NPH has twins (so to speak)

Everyone's favorite amazingly multi-talented person, (openly gay) Neil Patrick Harris, is the new father of twin babies! Babies are awesome in and of themselves, of course, but I also found a fair amount of amusement from this article, which concludes by helpfully pointing out that "the babies were born with the help of a surrogate".

14 October 2010

So Far, Still Good Anyway

The Little Bug hasn't been sleeping in his bed anymore, but there is always hope.

We've been doing a lot of basic life stuff: going to work and daycare, church, paying bills, and so forth.

05 October 2010

So Far, So Good

The Little Bug actually opted to go to sleep in his own bed, three nights in a row. You have no idea how amazing this is, and what an answer to prayer!

02 October 2010

Maroon 5: Misery

I heard the new Maroon 5 single "Misery" on the radio the other day, and thought, "Oh hey, Maroon 5. Cool! They must have a new album out." In all innocence, I proceeded to view the music video on Youtube. Okay, here's a tip, people: Don't watch it. It's VERY DISTURBING. You have been warned. But one good thing the video did is let me know that Adam Levine has actually become hot* with the passage of time. Remember the early 2000s, when he was all skinny and emo and still growing into his face? Well, honey, I took one for the team (you're welcome) and can now assure you that that face is still the quirky not-quite-handsome one we've come to appreciate, but now it is more rugged and definitely scruffy. Levine is working the jeans-and-tight-t-shirt-and-black-leather-jacket angle, and boy is he working it.

I tried to find a photo that I could link or upload but no image was available in the public domain. Try a Google Image search for yourself. I did find an article stating that Levine owes his newly buffed-up physique to yoga. General consensus is that the guy is a player in the worst way, but at least I finally understand why he gets away with it.

*Ah, my sad weakness for punk rockers and the occasional hipster...