02 October 2010

Maroon 5: Misery

I heard the new Maroon 5 single "Misery" on the radio the other day, and thought, "Oh hey, Maroon 5. Cool! They must have a new album out." In all innocence, I proceeded to view the music video on Youtube. Okay, here's a tip, people: Don't watch it. It's VERY DISTURBING. You have been warned. But one good thing the video did is let me know that Adam Levine has actually become hot* with the passage of time. Remember the early 2000s, when he was all skinny and emo and still growing into his face? Well, honey, I took one for the team (you're welcome) and can now assure you that that face is still the quirky not-quite-handsome one we've come to appreciate, but now it is more rugged and definitely scruffy. Levine is working the jeans-and-tight-t-shirt-and-black-leather-jacket angle, and boy is he working it.

I tried to find a photo that I could link or upload but no image was available in the public domain. Try a Google Image search for yourself. I did find an article stating that Levine owes his newly buffed-up physique to yoga. General consensus is that the guy is a player in the worst way, but at least I finally understand why he gets away with it.

*Ah, my sad weakness for punk rockers and the occasional hipster...

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