27 February 2010

Friday Five: Things I Plan To Do This Weekend

  • Stare out at the snow.
  • Hope the snow stops falling so we can run errands tomorrow.
  • Rest and get better.
  • Craft with paper.
  • Watch Elmo with my Little Bug.

26 February 2010

Caption Contest Winner

Remember how we had the caption contest last month?

We had some great submissions, and I hereby declare the winner to be... The Real Deal from The Road to Valinor. Similar to the dead deer in the truck at McDonald's, your prize will be truly representative of life in central Ohio.

That's right, Mr. Real Deal! Official Ohio State University Buckeye Candy! Congratulations!

Send me your address via e-mail (your wife can hook you up with my contact info) and I'll send your prize through the postal mail.

The Question

The Question: Where have I been for the past few weeks?
The Answer: I have had the sickies, and so has the baby bug! I got a cold more than two weeks ago, and the cough and sore throat are persisting even now. My poor little bug got so sick that his sinuses got infected and overly congested and mucus starting seeping out of his eyes! Ew!! Right?! He is on antibiotics and well on the road to recovery.

I also just haven't felt inspired to blog, mostly because I just don't know how much to share or what would be interesting.

03 February 2010

Sweet Eleanor

Some of my readers may know Wendy over at Fish Crackers. She has mentioned that she has a good friend whose 2-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with cancer, has already had one operation and is now beginning chemo treatments. God is using Eleanor (the little cancer patient) to touch hearts and lives already, and you can read about her progress on her Caring Bridge site (posted with her parents' permission):

Wendy, who is very gifted in all areas crafty and creative, designed and knitted a chemo hat for little Eleanor, and is now making the pattern available to knitters everywhere.
It is only $5 (a real bargain for a knitting pattern), and all profits will go to the Dickson family to defray the cost of their many medical expenses that are not covered by insurance. In just the past few days, Wendy has already sold more than 100. The pattern is that good!

Read more information about the Sweet Eleanor pattern on Wendy's craft blog, and find ways to purchase it.

Or Buy It Now directly from this link to Ravelry.

I realize that many of my readers are not knitters. However, perhaps you know someone who does knit and would be happy to get a great pattern and reach out to a family (and a tiny little girl) going through a difficult time. Pass it along. Sweet Eleanor can go viral!