01 June 2007

Happy Birthday!

To my dear friend Rebekah (Newell) Farber, who is someone that I've known literally as long as I can remember. Bekah has been almost everywhere and done almost everything, since she was born in Bandung, grew up in Irian Jaya, went to high school and college in the American Midwest, then worked in the Philippines before getting her masters degree at Moody and then getting married and moving to Phoenix, AZ. A diligent, intelligent, godly woman, Bekah is someone that I greatly admire and appreciate.

To my brother-in-law Tim, whose birthday is actually on 30 May, but I was deceived by his MySpace, which claimed that it was the 31st. Tim is a great addition to our family, and I enjoy spending time with him. He is especially nice to me, considering the fact that I apparently scared him when he first met me. I know, I know. Me scary? Pshaw. But anyway, by all appearances, Tim makes my baby sister happy, so he's acceptable to me.

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Willow said...

Happy Birthday Bekah!
Happy Birthday Timmy!