08 November 2006

At work on my to-do list from yesterday:
-Work - Done.
-Cook and eat dinner - Went to have dinner w/ Debbie and Jerry. =)
-Go to choir - Done.
-Laundry - Working on it.
-Practice guitar and flute - I strummed the guitar a bit when I got back from choir, but folks are in bed, so I can't do music any more tonight.
-Put away 10 items - Done.
-Throw away or recycle 10 items - Recycled one. Threw away several.

I have to work tomorrow, then pack and get ready to leave early Thursday morning.

Readers, why don't you leave me a comment, with at least one suggestion for a way to occupy oneself on a long car drive to Phoenix?!


luminarumbra said...

Sudoku? But that only works if you don't get carsick.

You could try to teach yourself a foreign language using audio tapes/cds....

Willow said...

practice your flute, if Jeff doesn't mind

read a good mystery

take your knitting

read a complete book of the Bible

Willow said...

Dad says:

follow along on the map

and think

do a crossword puzzle

Kiti said...

Maybe I could do Web Sudoku on the Treo.

I don't have time to get language CDs, I don't think.

I'm sure the confined car space would rule out practicing the flute, although if I did, I could practice the first soprano parts of Mozart's Regina Coeli and Bach's Magnificat. Sweet!

I'll bring some good books. If I have my knitting, I'll probably finish a super-long scarf by the time I get to Phoenix.
I can surely finish several books of the Bible.

If I follow along on the map, Jeff might think I don't trust that he knows where he's going! But I might check the weather and other things about Phoenix along the way.

Maybe I can find a crossword puzzle online, too.

My current in-car addiction is a game on the Treo called Bubble Breaker. It's hard to describe, but it's a strategy game involving the alignment and dispersion of colored balls. I'm getting pretty good at it.