05 November 2006

Life is a Banquet

...And most poor suckers are starving to death!

I managed to be blessed and fed, however. Last night, we had another semi-annual Alternate Banquet. We invited a lot of people, but many of them were not able to make it, so it was an intimate event.

The November 2006 Banquet was held at Portofino's in La Habra, and it was a great choice of restaurant: the food was great, the prices reasonable, the atmosphere perfectly classy (the only flaw being the occasional loudness of the live singer/pianist duo in the bar right on the other side of a partition). We had good conversation and reaffirmed the importance of family and friends.

With my friend Will Thorpe.

Mum and Dad in the restaurant.

The whole crowd by the fountain on the Terrazo at the restaurant.

BFF! We have so many photos of the three of us, and I'm always the tall one in the middle!

The Ladies (Elizabeth, Deb, Mum, Sara) and the Gentlemen (Will, Jeffrey, Jeremy, Dad, Bryan).


Willow said...

we are all so cute!

Sher said...

Looks like fun. Sorry we couldn't make it ... again! Thank you for thinking of us!