21 November 2006

Wedding - Dan 4

I did not take pictures during the ceremony, since I was standing up front with a bouquet. However, I would like to take this opportunity to state that having young children in weddings is nearly always a disastrous proposition. Dan and Jennifer's flower girls were just really bratty. They clowned around on the platform during the wedding, and refused to follow directions. I had several "now I remember why I don't have children" moments within the span of 10 minutes.

The reception: Plenty of Biola buddies. My mom with her ersatz sons Ojan and Will. Michael Nance and Gretchen Foltz. Kate don't-remember-her-last-name and Mike Davis. Me with a bunch of my favorite gentlemen (Phil, Roland, Dan, Ojan, and Mike). With Roland Morgan, who was very positive and upbeat, considering this was a WEDDING. My BFF!!! And of course, me with my sweet friend Phil Scharer, who was a great and supportive groomsman; we have known each other since our first semester at Biola, and traveled to Turkey, Greece, and Italy together with Talbot Bible Lands. We scaled the walls of Troy! Humorous sidenote: Phil looks so much like a Price that we've decided to adopt him, since most people assume he's related to us anyway.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking, "Note to self: never have wedding in non-carpeted church. Note to self 2: bar all children from attending wedding. Note to self 3: pat self on back for having 10-yr-old flower girl who didn't act up."

Of course, these were mostly notes to advise others considering I'm never getting married again (hopefully).

Sher said...

Children are wonderful to have at weddings, you just have to plan for them:

1) allow your flower girls and ring bearer to go SIT WITH THEIR PARENTS during the ceremony.

2) give the children something to do during the ceremony and reception -- we gave them a little coloring book and crayons during the ceremony, and had a table with crafty-type things and a person to monitor them during the reception.

Oh, and Kate's last name is Ragains (sounds like Ray-guns).