21 November 2006

Wedding - Dan 6

Back into the action of the reception: Toasts, dancing, etc. Dad gives the father-of-the-groom toast, while Dan and Jennifer (and the DJs in the background) listen. By the way, I also gave an elaborate and engaging toast: I read aloud a short story and even had PROPS. But I didn't get any photos of that because, hello!, I was in action at the time. Anyway, here, Mom poses with me, and then dances with Dad to Elvis' "Can't Help Falling in Love". There was lots of dancing, which made me happy, because I love to dance. I boogied the night away.

Fun times. The bride and groom slip away into the night.


luminarumbra said...

Thanks for posting all these pictures, Deb!

Sher said...

Looks like the wedding went well. I hope their marriage is a very happy one.