22 December 2006

Ack! I am a prisoner in my own home! There are a lot of young men at my house, playing Halo, as part of Rob's birthday party. I am happy to celebrate Rob's birthday, but feel compelled to point out that I was not consulted on either the generals or the particulars of this party, until after they had been planned. I didn't have to cook, so that was nice. The thing about me is that I don't feel obligated to be nice to people merely to fulfill the narrow requirements of propriety, so I mostly ignored the people around me and read my book. Now I am ignoring them and posting on my blog.
Note: There have now been TWO young men who have come into my house and neglected to remove their hats. This pisses me off so much. Odd that men removing their hats indoors is a requirement of propriety that I actually DO wish to be observed. Chalk it up to eccentricity, I suppose. But seriously, guys, just take off your hats when you enter a building, especially a home or a church. It's a mark of respect and good breeding.

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