05 December 2006


Well, I am not one of those people who obsess about numbers on the scale. I know that muscle weighs more than fat, and how you feel is more important than how you look, anyway.

But it was still depressing to hop on a scale, on a whim, at the gym, and discover that instead of losing weight over the past few months, I've gained. I was 131 pounds in July, and now I tip the same scale at 137. My clothes don't fit any differently, so I haven't gotten fatter, but it is certainly odd.

I guess I ought to start cutting back on the M&Ms and ice cream.


Willow said...

Did you usually weigh without shoes at the dr? And were wearing shoes at the gym? You can claim 2 or 3 lbs in "shoe weight". And of course we know that muscle weighs more than mere fat. So you may be in better shape, actually. At least, those are two excuses I use when the dr says I've gained...

mama mia said...

I concur with mum... you have definately gotten in better shape, and your buffness will weigh more.

You are tiny and beautiful! :o)