06 December 2006

Not a sound from the pavement

Jeff and I watch Farscape. The episode we're watching right now involves some kind of clone thingie in the plot. It triggered a long-forgotten (repressed???) memory.

Despite the fact that I've never watched a soap opera in my life, when in high school, I used to love to read the daily soap opera synopses in the paper. Why? The plots were all so farfetched that I found them hilarious, and couldn't believe that anyone would take them seriously enough to put them in TV series. Heehee. In the early 1990s, there was some soap opera (I forget which one) that had a plotline involving some character's scheming clone. This in addition to the usual adultery, murder, and blackmail plots. My 11th grade year, I was homeschooled, and every morning, Mike and I would read the paper, do the crossword and word jumble, and snicker over the soaps. Totally educational. Ah, memories. Heeheehee.

Anybody else have a long-buried oddity to confess?


Anonymous said...

I once kissed the TV because Michael Jackson was singing in a music video at the time.

Yes, I am sheepishly grinning now.

Kiti said...

And I'm snickering at you.

Probably because I never lived in the US when Michael Jackson was still cool.