10 December 2006

Today, I drove down to Bakersfield with Debbie to meet my parents and pick up a sheet music stand from them. I had a good time, and after getting lost in Bakersfield on the way home, she and I decided to do some impromptu Christmas shopping at the Tulare outlet mall. We also ran over to Pier 1 to look at coffee tables. Unfortunately, I thought that I had communicated to Jeff that we would be stopping to shop, but he had been expecting me home a few hours before I arrived, so he was really worried and upset when I finally came in. Oops!

I wish I were better at shopping. I feel so inadequate, as I struggle with identifying gifts that my loved ones will really want.

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Willow said...

Mike says he wants After the Ice. He lost his copy.
Also some books about Pharoah Horemheb