17 December 2006

The weather here in the Valley has been getting colder, and the sky is often grey. I hate cold and grey. The saving grace is, it doesn't rain a lot. Oh, well. Perhaps some day, I will move back to the equator and live on the coast of a tropical island. I can dream.


We did our usual Saturday thing of sleeping in, and I made eggs and pancakes for breakfast. Then Jeff cleaned his computer nook and I did some dishes and several loads of laundry. And then Jeff taught me how to play Magic the Gathering. And then we went to the gym and exercised. And finally, we came home and watched a movie or two while I folded laundry.

Jeff has gone to bed, and I am just waiting for one last load to finish in the dryer. And watching F List on Fuse TV.

Saturday, in a nutshell.

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