11 January 2007

Technical glitch

I've been informed that my blog doesn't come out very well when viewed in Internet Explorer; apparently, the posts only show up below all the sidebars. I've been using Mozilla Firefox, so I wasn't aware of the problems until Melissa pointed them out to me. I am unsure how to fix them, so we might have to bear with.

At work, I've moved classrooms two times in two days. I'm so tired from hauling and organizing all my books (both textbooks and reading books). My first new classroom (the one I occupied yesterday) had neither telephone nor internet. Considering the fact that part of my job is to call parents/guardians, and another part is my extremely detailed logging of entries in an online database, it was difficult to get things done yesterday. Today, in my second new classroom, I had a phone, but no computer. Brilliant. I finally obtained a computer after school, so tomorrow, I should be back on track. I must confess, I get pretty frustrated with the administrators at times. I try to be gracious, though.

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