02 January 2007

Well, the first day of 2007 has come and gone. It was pretty uneventful. Dan woke me up at 8:45 am, calling me to see if I wanted to spend some time with Mom and Dad (who were visiting Dan and Jen in order to watch all three LOTR films on New Year's Eve) before they returned to LA. I did, and after a bit of misdirection (Phoenix has numbered streets, in which 10th Avenue is VERY DIFFERENT from 10th Street), I enjoyed my time at Starbucks with the other four. When I got back to the apartment, the other three had gotten up.

We spent some time at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, talking about origin theory and art, and chatted more in the evening. We also went to the hot tub and ended up swimming around in the pool. It felt good to get a little exercise.

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