19 February 2007


Happy (Belated) Birthday to two lovely people in my life, who both were born on February 14 and who both live, coincidentally enough, in Phoenix, AZ:
-My newest sister, the wonderful Jen Price. Despite the tales that people tell of fighting with in-laws, I've had only positive experiences with them. Sister-in-law Jen is fabulous in the way that she handles her life with order and dignity combined with a sense of humor. She also handles my brother, which is no small task: She has him sending hand-penned valentines to his siblings! That, dear readers, is the mark of a woman whose worth is far above rubies, whose deeds will bring her praise in the city gates, whose children (which she better start having soon) will rise up and call blessed.
-My high-spirited friend, Sam Guthrie the superhero. I've known Sam decently well for not even two years, but I just admire so much about him. He is a good husband and a supportive friend, who is always willing to help the helpless in questing in WoW or provide hospitality with open generosity.

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