19 February 2007

Sunday in the park with George

Or not, since I didn't go to the park or do anything with anyone named George today.

Jeff and I got up at a decent hour and went to the second service of our local Vanilla Protestant Church that Does Not Teach Heresy. We have decided to attend this church, basically because we have tried all the other likely candidates and this one was most acceptable to us. We are not crazy about it, but we know that there are good people there and we've really enjoyed the (non-heretical) preaching, so we're happy to attend.

I thought I was doing okay, but I was grumpy during the service's mandatory meet-and-greet time (I think it's inappropriate to force people to be falsely social during a worship service) and then the music contained lousy songs that I didn't know and didn't want to sing. Toward the end of the set of songs, I got the bright idea to count the number of slides that were correctly spelled/punctuated/etc. versus those who were not. This is because things in that respect are usually done so poorly in church, and it IRRITATES me. So, in honor of Poor Taste in Sacred Music, I present the following statistics:
The next-to-last song had banal lyrics, banal and repetitive tune. I started counting in the middle of the song, so this reflects only the BA section of a standard AABA setup.
-Incorrect slides: 6
-Correct slides: 4
The last song was also banal. It had 14 total slides.
-Incorrect slides: 14
-Correct slides: 0

Apparently, today was "Amazing Grace Sunday", but we did not sing that song. But only God's amazing grace is great enough to save someone who decides that focusing on punctuation errors is the way to pass time in His house.

After church, we went to lunch at Strings. I had minestrone soup, pizza bread, and spinach and cheese ravioli. Sometime in the past few years, I've started to enjoy eating again. There were a few years when I didn't care to eat much, because stress caused me to lose my appetite. I didn't even notice when food started to taste good again, but today, I suddenly realized, "Hey! I like food!" I was gratified, and celebrated by eating another piece of bread. I think low-carb diets must be one of the most horrific things of which I have ever heard.

We came home and played WoW, and I leveled my mage from 8 to 10.

We went to dinner at Debbie and Jerry's house, with Olaf and Rosalee and Rob and Candace in attendance. Apparently, Olaf (Jeff grandpa) is in poor health since he had heart trouble and was in the hospital last month. I guess there is some concern over him. He is 90, and has been such a go-getter since I've known him. Jeff's grandparents have always been very good to me, and they are the only semblance of grandparents I have left, so I hope he recovers his health and goes for another 10 years, at least.

It rained today, and was grey and chilly. I hope the sunshine returns soon.


Willow said...

Sometimes I get distracted by the grammatical errors in the lyrics.

I'll be praying for Olaf. I'm so sorry he has been sick.

Uncle Jim and I say people will know we're really sick if we stop eating. Yeah! I like food, too!

Sher said...

I agree about the "meet and greet" time. I dread it every service!

mama mia said...

Although I have disliked 'Meet & Greet' times at church in the past, the moving and finding churches twice in two four months really helped me appreciate it. People were forced to say hi, and upon hearing that we were new or visitors were much more inclined to talk with us after the service than if they had not met us then.

I'd appreciate it more if people just naturally came up after the service (something Tim and I try to always do if we don't recognize someone), but since the church is often lacking there, I guess we must micromanage. ;oP

loves to you sis!