07 February 2007

Treasures of Note-writing

Dear readers, I am coming to believe that featuring correspondence obtained from the grounds of a middle school will become a regular feature of the offerings of Kiti Fantastico. I find material here and there, and will share it as decency allows (I found one note last week that was so foul that I threw it away rather than putting it here to upset you, dear readers).

The latest: A young woman expresses interest in the workings of the criminal justice system, and asks her friend to let her fingers do the walking, so to speak.

Dear Jxxxxxx
Hey Gurl how u doing? Me ain't shit [sic] Just chiling? By myself and writing you dis letter... Well anyway forget about the big favor I told you about calling Rxxxx (scrap foo)... But there's another big favor that i want you to do for me and it's by calling the operater (411) and asked them if they know the new address to the new Julvie (the jail for young teenagers) You know what that is... Well also Just Give me call at xxx-xxxx right now not tomorrow right now i mean it ok so please... Well Just do this for me and i'll owe you one ok friend...
{hear} Lxxxx Exx
Lil Momma

I know I speak for all of us when I say, "Make your own stupid phone calls until you're old and important enough to have a secretary!" And also, "Search for juvenile hall on Google Maps if you want to know where it is." Sheesh! But at least this girl was smart enough to ditch the "scrap foo". [Note: A "scrap" is a slang term for a member of a certain local gang.]

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RhoYo said...

hee hee! too funny! I saw a poem written last week from my high schoolers, very sweet about him loving the writer for her eyes and not caring that she's fat - all very loving until two lines where she ended, "but you make me sick because you're such a dick." I thought it quite funny! Beware you men of the abrupt endings of females!