11 March 2007

Things have been kind of slow on the funny-notes-written-by-middle-schoolers front. I also don't have dramatic stories or anything.

The funniest thing that happened last week was when I was having a conversation with some of my young male students about such things as the function and significance of the grill. One young man insisted that a grill with good bling would attract girls. I responded that they are all too young to be worrying about girls so much.
Me: You should be enjoying your youth. You'll have plenty of time to be grown up, and worry about girls and romance and stuff, for the rest of your life. How old do you think I was when I had my first boyfriend?
Them: [various guesses] 12? 14? 16?
Me: No, no, I was 18. I was an adult before I had a boyfriend.
Young man: So before that, you only dated girls?

Haha. Priceless! These kids are really quite narrow-minded and limited in their conception of the world.

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Sher said...

Wow. That is definitely priceless!