30 May 2007

Another Personality Test

Go to www.kingdomality.com and take the personality test.

Mine is the Prime Minister.
Your distinct personality, The Prime Minister might be found in most of the thriving kingdoms of the time. You are a strategist who pursues the most efficient and logical path toward the realization of the goal that you perceive or visualize. You will often only associate with those people who can assist you in the implementation of your plan. Inept assistants may be immediately discarded as excess baggage. To do otherwise could be seen as inefficient and illogical. On the positive side, you can be rationally idealistic and analytically ideological. You can be a bold decision maker and risk taker who can move society ahead by years instead of minutes. On the negative side, you may be unmerciful, impatient, impetuous and impulsive. Interestingly, your preference is just as applicable in today's corporate kingdoms.

What is yours? Post in comments, preferably with links!!


mama mia said...

Hey Sis! Prime Minister so fits you! I am the Dreamer-Minstrel.


..heh heh..
I think I'm a bit more cynical than that now, but I suppose I was like that in high school.

debbiefeely said...

Fun! Mine says

Your distinct personality, The White Knight, might be found in most of the thriving kingdoms of the time. Don Quixote was a White Knight as was Joan of Arc, the Lone Ranger and Crusader Rabbit. As a White Knight you expect nothing in return for your good deeds. You are one of the true "Givers" of the world. You are the anonymous philanthropist who shares your wealth, your time and your life with others. To give, is its own reward and as a White Knight you seek no other. On the positive side you are merciful, sympathetic, helpful, giving and heroic. On the negative side you may be impulsively decisive, sentimental and misdirected. Interestingly, your preference is just as applicable in today's corporate kingdoms.

By the way, Jerry and I both think you repay many times over just being you, being ours. : )

Willow said...

I posted this morning saying I am The Shepherd, but it didn't post here. Kanga is definitely the correct title for me.

Willow said...

Weird. I just retook the test b/c I wanted to save the info and I scored differently this time. I'm like Mia--a Minstrel-Dreamer

Kiti said...

I think Mia is Dreamer-Minstrel, and Willow is definitely Shepherd.

Debbie is a White Knight, for sure, although she told me tonight that she retook the test and came out a Dreamer-Minstrel the second time.

I think Jeff will turn out to be a White Knight.

I've never figured out all of the different possibilities. I think you have to pay money to get the whole story on how this Kingdomality thing works. But I'm wondering if one can test as a Stable Boy, Tavern Wench, or Town Crier. Or Executioner. Because that would be funny.

Kiti said...

Come on, everybody! Lurkers, regular commenters, random passers-by. Please take the Kingdomality test and leave a comment!

debbiefeely said...

Hey Mary, I have been thinking about this cynical stuff for quite a while. I don't think it is a God thing. I was talking recently to someone who said they heard a presentation on the reason more adults my age and older are not involved in ministry is cynicism. They have been hurt and disillusioned by the behavior of other Christians and just given up, or turned their back. I think that is true. Having recently been disillusioned myself, I like what Jeff said, "Never let the stupid people win." Anyway, I was studying the word cynic and there is an interesting discussion on the background of the word at dictionary.com. My favorite though is from good ol' Noah Webster who said a cynic is someone who acts like a surly dog. So if a cynic is one who acts like a surly dog, is the opposite someone who acts like a friendly kitty? : ) I am having trouble getting a good grasp of the antonym, but that sounds good, huh?