17 May 2007

Guilty Pleasure

I've recently started watching a TV show that I secretly really enjoy, even though I know it's trashy and all that. No, it's not American Idol or some other reality show. It's Sex and the City. The reason I really like it is that it's such a portrayal of how empty one's life is when one seeks only pleasure and self-indulgence. The four characters in S&tC supposedly have it all: money (most of the time), great clothes, status-filled jobs, and a lifestyle of guilt-free promiscuity. They were supposed to represent, I suspect, "liberated" women, living it up in New York. But art can cheat life only so far, and eventually, these characters are portrayed as being among the most miserable and directionless creatures one can imagine. Life without a guiding moral compass can be devastating. Instead of being independent and powerful, they are utterly obsessed with men and relationships, enslaved to the very masculine domination they wanted to escape. It's like a female fantasy suddenly gone horribly wrong. But they are often witty in their misery, sort of like a post-modern version of women from a Noel Coward play. Which is why I like to watch their agony.


challett said...

Do you actually see these comments Deb? Not sure how this blogger thing works, does it notify your e-mail or something?

Anyway, Sex in the City huh? I really need to talk to you soon. Its been too long. Call me so I can get your e-mail address and write you or something.

Lately I find myself obsessed with Jim Butcher's books. Well actually I have been obsessed for years, but lately I am actually researching it now. Watch the Dresden files on SciFi if you get the chance sometime if you get the chance.

I still think you would make a tremendously good teacher. It makes me sad that it didn't work out for you.But it was a good experience, non?

Talk to you soon. Have you seen Sara lately? Wes and I are thinking about going to California next year to visit your guys and possibly take Raymond to Disneyland. I don't want to take him too young though, plane trips and Mickey Mouse can scar you for life if you are too young. I still hate that mouse from Chucky Cheese.


Kiti said...

I can see your comments. =)

So great to hear of you and Wes and little Raymond. Do you still have your same house phone or cel phone? I can call you.

Jeff and I have been watching The Dresden Files when they come on SciFi. [I'm only watching Sex & the City because there are no new Dresden Files episodes being aired right now. Heheh.] We are dedicated SciFi watchers. I tried to read Jim Butcher's books, but discovered that Visalia's public library does not even carry them. Yet another way that the library sucks... =( One way or another, I will get my hands on them.

Love to you!