29 September 2007

Going on

I've been pretty tired lately. Either that, or ennui is making me sleepy.

I'm enjoying my job, at the Medium-sized Anonymous Engineering Company (MAEC). I'm learning a lot about civil engineering, architecture, and construction. I'm once again working with crusty, middle-aged male engineers, which is a demographic with which I am very familiar and comfortable. Overall, I like it.

Last weekend, Sara and Elizabeth came to visit. We watched Bones, put together a puzzle, went shopping, and spent time together talking, which was the most fun of all.

Speaking of Bones, did everyone get a chance to watch the Season 3 premiere episode that played on Tuesday night?


Willow said...

oh yes, I saw it. I left knitting early so we could get home to see it. That's loyalty!

Mama Mia said...

haha... man, I'm envious! The only time I miss having TV is when Bones is on. No spoilers! ;o)

loves to you, sis!

sapience said...

I love Bones. The producers are ramping up the UST between Bones and Booth. Should be interesting!