04 October 2007

My Day

Didn't Eleanor Roosevelt have a [rather popular] column called My Day when she was the First Lady of the USA?

Anyway, my own day was eventful without being particularly interesting. I awoke at 5:30, but snoozed for a while. It's so hard for me to get up before the sun rises. I showered and got ready, scrambled with my bevy of morning tasks (usually including feeding and water the pets, checking the plants, and a few other household chores).

I stumbled out of the door, hauling my bag full of stuff that I would need for the day (e.g. purse, water bottle, lunch, various pieces of paperwork, and so on). I had some CDs that I could listen to in the car or at work. I stopped by Starbucks because I deserved a treat and because I had a gift card (a coworker gave me one he didn't want-- imagine that) and so did not have to pay for it.

My job is a few blocks from Starbucks, so I made it in by 7:30. However, despite me being a morning person, the early start didn't help. Even with some caffeine, I was tired and groggy all day. I hate that, because I'm unfocused and unproductive. I was done at 4 pm, and it was just icing on the cake to discover that I'd received a parking citation that (to the best of my knowledge) I shouldn't have gotten.

I was not a happy camper when I got home. I really needed to get my mail, as I was expecting a paycheck (one that has not yet arrived, which brings even more frustration). Well, no time to fret. I grabbed some other checks and headed to the bank, to do some business before it closed at 5 pm. With barely a break to breathe, I went to the Verizon store to examine some cellular phones, as we are changing our wireless service over to Verizon. I finally selected a phone that (1) would be workable for me and (2) more importantly, would be free with signing up for a wireless service package.

I zoomed to Jamba Juice to pick up some sustenance, both because I like smoothies and because I had a gift card that would pay for my purchase (long and pointless story as to how I obtained the JJ card). At that point, I was heading west, making my way to the gym, so I decided to stop by Rosalee's house, which is in that area, for a quick little visit. We chatted and I showed her that I was wearing the sweater I had bought with the money she'd given me for my birthday. It was nice.

I had to zip off in order to make it to the gym to change and try a yoga class. The class was fine, but turned out it was an hour and half long, instead of one hour. That threw off the rest of my evening. Post-yoga, I went to the grocery store (a necessity, since I needed food), and spent a while shopping, but managed to forget a few important items. Grr. By that time, I was starving (a smoothie is a good snack, but is, for me, an insufficient meal). I had to eat something when I arrived back home after 10 pm, after which I put away groceries and got stuff ready to take out for trash and recycle pickup tomorrow. Now, my tummy is finally settled, so I'm able to stagger off to bed, and hope my poor neglected cats will take pity on me and cuddle me.

Tomorrow is another big day that will start too early and probably go too long.


~Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, that is a long day.

Willow said...

oh wow, that was a long day, but so productive. I wondered where you were, not on im. I hope today is not as long.

Life is a Marathon said...

YEAH! You'll be a verizon customer so we can talk for FREE!! Your day just got better!! =)