07 December 2007

Bah humbug!

Not to dampen the solstice-related, holiday good cheer, but you know what I really hate about this season of the year? Salvation Army bell-ringers. They should be banned from all public places.

Your jingle bells are not festive, people. The constant jangling gets on my nerves. And then, after irritating me and at least two of my five senses (because the tacky red aprons are also an affront to aesthetic decency), you have the nerve to want me to give you money in your little buckets. MONEY? If you want money for the Salvation Army, get a freaking job like the rest of us!

1 comment:

debbiefeely said...

Oops, does that mean I better get rid of the cute little Salvation Army bell I have for little grandchildren to play with? : )