12 December 2007


So I missed another day of posting. Well, dear readers, I guess you'll have to take what you can get.

I am immersed in unpacking and organizing. So much to do! I can't imagine trying to do this while gainfully employed at the same time.

Let's see.
-The cats are pretty much completely adjusted by now. Now they both love sleeping on the bed with us. Hobbes sleeps at my feet (keeps them warm), and Touchy tucks into the crack between Jeff and me (I am trying to think of how to tactfully encourage him to move to another spot, since he could get squished). There's not really room for five in the bed, but oh, well.
-My ob/gyn visit yesterday gave me a lot of confidence. First of all, Jeff and I had considered finding a nurse midwife and/or birthing center, for a more low-key and natural (but not drug-free, oh no) birth experience. However, we discovered that none of the above are covered in our insurance network in the Phoenix area. Boo! But we found that we like the doctor we picked (I chose her solely because when I looked up my options, her office was closest to our apartment and she practices at the hospital closest to the apartment); she is competent, down-to-earth, and open to dialoguing with patients. We think we just might stick with her. Second of all, both the baby's and my vitals were pronounced to be good and healthy, so that was encouraging.
-Ultrasound and blood test scheduled for 1:30 pm tomorrow (this dr office does not lose any time, let me tell you).
-Have an appointment with OfficeTeam in Scottsdale for 4:00 pm tomorrow.

Still working on:
-Calling other employment possibilities.
-Calling schools about tutoring.
-Setting up kitchen and other rooms in the house.

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Willow said...

Great news on the baby!