02 December 2007

More Papuan pictures, just because

West Papua is a gorgeous tropical paradise, with palmy beaches of snow-white sand, exotic coral reefs, and lush vegetation.

There are rugged mountains and rolling hills, such as these around Lake Sentani.

Most people live in villages (kampung-kampung) in remote areas.

Some live high above the jungle floor, in tree houses or houses on stilts.

These people are often fierce, proud warriors who follow the way of life their ancestors experienced for thousands of years. A fair number of them are cannibals (or ex-cannibals, more recently), such as the famous Asmat of the south coast.


Willow said...

Where did you get the pictures?

Stan Caiman said...

(willow asked: Where did you get the pictures?)

The beach is hotlinked from my site, and it is not Papua, it's Bali.

Kiti said...

Nice photos, Stan Caiman. All I know is, the picture came up in a Google Image search for "Papua beach" or wording very similar. Honestly, the Balinese and Papuan beaches don't look that different anyway.