19 March 2008


I've become what I most fear and despise: One of those mothers who suddenly has nothing on her blog but pictures and posts about her baby. I used to mock those people, especially the ones who didn't limit themselves to their private blogs but posted all that junk in Torrey Chatter on BUBBS.

"Why do they do that?" I'd gripe. "It's ridiculous. Don't they realize that if I want to see pictures of their babies, I'll contact them and say Hey, send me some pictures of your baby? Otherwise, I don't need to see or hear about their brats."

In my own defense, you only have to look at my blog if you so choose, and I've put absolutely no pictures of Nathan on BUBBS.


Wendy said...

LOL... yeah, I totally saw it coming.

Sherida said...

I think it's great! Welcome to the world of doting mothers. :)

I'm not one to ask for pictures, but I definitely want to see them. So, if you want to send some along, I'd love to see more pictures of your little guy. If you want to see more of mine, they are on my google picture album -- http://picasaweb.google.com/sheriduh

Mama Mia said...

Well, we all LOVE seeing pictures of him, so that works perfectly! :o)