20 March 2008


Three Weeks:

One Month (forgot 3x5 card):

Six Weeks:


Kiti said...

Why does Blogger always go all crazy with the spacing between lines?

Wendy said...

Hey! So before this kid gets too huge, do you want this box of clothes that I have?! It's mostly 0-6 month stuff, and several things for beyond that. I have the box all ready to be mailed... if you want it I just need your address. Email me! wneal36@gmail.com

Willow said...

Isn't he wonderful?

I can't wait to see him (and you, too!).

Mama Mia said...

I can't wait to officially meet him next week!!! And won't it be great to have all the family girls in one state?? :o)

Mama Mia said...

Maybe you could put up a picture of you and him together-- mommy and son?? :o)

Lots of hugs and loves!

Jen said...

He's getting so big! And of course he's cute :)

And I LOVE the quilt he's laying on in the 5 week picture!

Flower said...

From all the grammy's in the world....post the pictures!! He is marvelous..truly!
Uncle Jim and I want to wish you a Happy Easter!!