07 August 2008

Bikini *gasp*

Mary's birthday (July 31) at Coronado Beach in San Diego.


Sherida said...

EEK! :) jk

It is sick that your body looks that good this soon after having a baby.

Robby and Candace said...

Hottie!!! (That was written only by Candace, not Rob.) Deb, you look fantastic. I'm so sad you didn't get to come to Visalia this week, but I hope we get to see you soon. Love you and miss you!

Willow said...

That was a fun day at the beach!

Amanda said...

Dear Deb,

I hate you and your skinny genes.

Almost 6 months postpartum

PS. We should get together sometime!

Kiti said...

In case everybody is wondering, there is a perfectly good reason why I was wearing a bikini. I was visiting my sister in San Diego last week, and we ended up going to the pool and the beach. I hadn't packed a bathing suit, so I borrowed one from Mia, and since she is taller and more athletic than I am, this is the only one she had that fit me.

Mama Mia said...

I love being part of the cute family. ;o) You look absolutely smashing, sis!