04 October 2008

Fall Cleaning

I am working on cleaning and organizing stuff (and goodness knows, it's way beyond needed). Thus, I emptied EVERYTHING out of Nathan's diaper bag. This is what I found:
  • Four diapers (no surprises there)
  • Changing pad (came with the bag)
  • Small container of Butt Paste diaper rash ointment (Despite the silly name, this is quite good stuff for diaper rash.)
  • Small packet of Huggies Sensitive baby wipes
  • Regular container of Huggies Cucumber and Green Tea baby wipes (I swear I am not getting a kickback from Huggies, but I've found that these wipes are the only ones that do not give Nathan a reaction.)
  • One burp cloth
  • Re-usable Target bag (www.greenbag.info)
  • One packet of Sweet-n-Low
  • One disposable changing pad
  • A pacifier cover (But no pacifier; gotta find that.)
  • A rubber-covered baby spoon
  • Plastic bag, folded up
  • Several napkins
  • A tissue
  • Packet of spearmint Trident that has seen better days
  • Eye drops that expired 10/04 (Huh? Why didn't I throw that out 4 years ago?)
  • Six ball-point pens
  • One felt-tip pen
  • Three Sharpie pens
  • A bottle of homeopathic teething relief tablets (No matter what I think of homeopathic "medicine", these, at least, really work.)
  • Small tube of Ora-jel (also really works)
  • Small container of lotion, obtained from hotel room
  • Business card for Kim Lentz, hair designer in Phoenix (Recommended by Bekah Farber, 602-363-1624-- There's some free advertising for ya, Kim!)
  • Little brochure on the Five Love Languages
  • Granola bar (which I don't really like, but keep in case I need emergency blood sugar boost)
  • White onesie (I always keep a spare in the diaper bag, in case we need to change him.)
  • Four pairs of baby socks (No wonder the supply in the baby drawer was dwindling...)
  • Two small pads of scratch paper (likewise obtained from hotel rooms)
  • Box of matches from the Vintage Press restaurant in Visalia
  • Two moist towelettes
  • Eight sterile alcohol towelettes
  • One tube of lip gloss (pink)
  • Two sets of keys (still current)
  • One bag of sour candy (from Elizabeth)
  • Two sets of Fry's VIP rewards cards
  • One expired driver license
  • One temporary driver license
  • Two 3x5 cards
  • Two checkbooks
  • Paper copy of health insurance card
  • Dell packing slip
  • Receipt from ob/gyn appointment
  • Insurance information sheet from pediatrician
  • Tape measure
  • Eight cards from friends and family, including three gift cards to various retailers
  • $$ in cash
  • Lovely blue set of regular polyhedra. (I just like to carry my Platonic solids with me wherever I go.)

Scary, no?


Wendy said...

I don't know why I'm surprised that you call it a "driver license" as it says on the card, instead of a driver's license like the rest of the population...
That is an insane amount of stuff. My diaper bags always have diapers, and wipes... and nothing else. Many a time I was caught unprepared.

Kiti said...

The list doesn't even include the blanket I always carry in the diaper bag, since I'd just taken it out to be laundered yesterday and hadn't replaced it. But the bag isn't really that big or heavy.

I am seldom caught unprepared. I just need to add a multi-tool, pocket knife, first aid kit, and little Sterno stove. Just kidding. Or am I? But really, there is a method to my madness. Everyone would include diapers and wipes, and a burp cloth and blanket are obviously useful. "But a plastic bag?" you ask. well, suppose your little one has some kind of incident and becomes wet and/or dirty. You clean up the little angel, whip off the wet outfit, and voila! the plastic bag is ready to carry it home without getting anything else in the bag wet. And then, of course, you have packed a clean extra onesie to replace the used one. And as the weather turns cooler, you pack along a pair of little socks in case the feet get cold...

Graf Spee said...

Yes, but regular polyhedra? On the other hand, my sets of platonic solids came to Afghanistan with me...