17 October 2008

Vote! Vote! Vote!

New poll! Vote for a potential costume for Nathan's first Halloween.

If you vote for "Other", please leave your suggestion in the comments.


Amanda said...

Noah's going to be a monkey for Halloween. We put him in the costume and he was so cute that we couldn't stop laughing! Noah just looked back and forth from Ben to me with a polite smile on his face. Priceless!

Anyway, I vote for vampire. If Noah was still teething (he stopped at 2 teeth) and I was still breastfeeding, a vampire DEFINITELY would have been on my list!

Willow said...

I vote for Baby Hogwarts student. And I know I'll have to make him a house scarf, then.

Kiti said...

Amanda, I can't wait to see pictures of Noah as a little monkey!!!

Willow, you know I'd DIE to have that little house scarf for Nater-bug.

I guess the next poll will be, into what Hogwarts house should Nathan be sorted?

Annie said...

Hi Deb! I just discovered your blog. Couldn't you post a picture of Nathan? I voted to have him be a cute little bug, but I'm sure he's already cuter than any costume could make him!

Check out my blog at http://anniedouglasslima.blogspot.com/ to see how Floyd's and my life in Taiwan is going.


Robby and Candace said...

Yay! Cute little bug is winning. Go, go, go!

Mama Mia said...

I tried to vote for Baby Hogwarts, but it wouldn't let me... I think he'd be in either Ravenclaw or Gryfindor. Ravenclaw because he's smart but Gryfindor because he's so brave. :o)

Sherida said...

I missed out on voting. Bummer. Can't wait to see the cute little bug. :) Caleb was Darth Vader.