20 November 2008


I was watching TV earlier tonight, and was exposed to a truly horrific advertisement. And apparently, the horror is proliferating throughout the nation.

The drug company (Merck) is trying to market an anti-HPV vaccine with the slogan "One Less". What?! Where is the outrage? Obviously, this is a job for the panda (the one, of course, who eats, shoots, and leaves). The panda deals directly with punctuation, but I'm sure he's willing to branch out into other grammar issues, as well as the field of proper syntax.

[Next up: I address Starbucks' slogan for their new piadini (pricier breakfast sandwichy thing): "Wake up to a new toasty warm and savory delicious." Aaaaaaaaugh!!!]

Signing off, I remain ONE FEWER woman who will tolerate this sloppy slide into linguistic imprecision.

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