12 November 2008

Strange Bedfellows

It's not as if I spend my time hiding from political bloggers, but here is a development I didn't see coming (or even see when it arrived): The Hillacrats hate Obama (and his followers, labeled Obamatons, heehee) and really really like Sarah Palin. Despite these people's devotion to liberal ideals, they admire Palin's ability and decry the "misogynist" treatment afforded her by the mainstream media (I do not know if it was inspired by misogyny, but the media coverage of Palin was definitely unfair, to say the least). I wonder if there will be a move, a few years down the road, to try to put together a Clinton-Palin ticket.

At any rate, some Hillacrat bloggers have a lot to say about Obama's lack of ability or experience, and furthermore, they firmly believe that Obama's African-American voter base in CA were responsible for pushing Measure 8 through, and boy are they POed. Much speculation on how BO positioned himself to manipulate people to help him to achieve his goals. Read about it here.

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