11 November 2008


My friends and family know that I spend a decent amout of time breastfeeding my hungry little Nater-bug. He is a healthy boy with a healthy appetite, and I am a passionate advocate of breastfeeding, so I'm more than happy to invest that time. I spend about 5 hours nursing Nathan every day (at least it's better now than when he was a tiny infant, when I actually clocked it and confirmed that he spent 8-10 hours/day just nursing: yes, being a new mom is more than a full-time job), and I'd get bored just sitting there, so I'm always trying to find things to do to fill my time. I can read, but it is difficult to handle a book or magazine one-handed. I occasionally watch TV, but there's usually nothing good being broadcast on most stations. I spend a lot of time on my laptop, since I can work it with just one hand, and I've been known to IM, browse online, post on my blog, and even play WoW that way. Sadly, I find it really hard to do anything serious (job-hunting, updating my resume, planning lessons) while nursing, because I don't have the necessary focus while doing two things at once. Frivolous pursuits are always best.

My lovely BFF Sara came to my rescue a few weeks ago when she introduced me to Surf the Channel. Awesome! Almost every TV show ever, just waiting to be watched! No commercials, no need to adhere to some stupid cable company's arbitrary programming decisions (no, no, I do not need to see endless re-runs of Will & Grace)!

Being me, I promptly began watching through the silliest and least appropriate thing available: Gossip Girl. I started because I saw it listed on the front page as one of their most popular shows, and I thought, "Oh, I've heard of that. I wonder what it's about." So I clicked on it and was swept up into a land far, far away. After viewing several episodes, I still wonder what it's about, although it seems to be roughly analagous to Veronica Mars, being a dramatic and extremely improbable chronicling of the lives of overly experienced teenagers, though Veronica Mars is salted with gritty SoCal attitude, while Gossip Girl is definitely flavored with the tony NY Upper East Side. In a lovely bit of symmetry, the title character of both shows is portrayed by the outstanding Kristen Bell! Anyway, if/when I actually figure out what GG is about, I'll let you know. Meanwhile, I mix it up with NCIS, and I've recently started adding Dark Angel for my sci fi fix.

And am I watching anything else of note? That's one secret I'll never tell. You know you love me!


Jen said...

One Tree Hill is our fav. And we've just discovered NCIS, too!

Kiti said...

Hey, Jen! I've never watched any of One Tree Hill, but I'm glad you admit to your guilty pleasures, too. =) I love NCIS, and I'm not sure why. I watch it to counteract my growing disappointment with the current season of Bones. =(

Amanda said...

I spent many breastfeeding hours watching the entire series of The West Wing on DVD, and then (strangely) Law & Order: SVU on my DVR.

But mostly, I played on my iPhone. One-hand usability, 100% portable! Thank God for YouTube.