20 August 2009


So I fell asleep last night some time between 21:00 and 21:30 (9:00 and 9:30 pm, for those of us who don't use military, i.e. sensible, time), because I was putting the Bug down to bed and it was just sooooo nice to close my own eyes and drift away... This is great, especially as I needed the sleep. However, I was awakened a few hours later by the sound of my cell phone going off (even when set to vibrate, it makes a lot of noise), and while I missed the call, it jolted me out of a sound sleep and left me wide awake. I didn't much mind, as it gave me the opportunity to brush my teeth and shower and all those things I would have liked to do before falling asleep. But now I'm still awake, and facing the prospect of having to get up in less than three hours, whether I like it or not, and go to work groggy because of my crazy night-time schedule.

Hope the rest of you are sleeping better than I tonight.


Mama Mia said...

I'm so sorry, sis! I hope it wasn't my text that woke you! :o( Love you! (p.s. I posted, just for you! And will do a post about my visit once I've gone through all the pictures, again, just for you! :o) )

Sherida said...

I was up a few hours later, for a few hours as well. Caleb woke up crying around midnight, then decided he wanted to play instead of going back to sleep. We fought off and on until almost 3am, when I gave up, put him in his play yard, and went back to bed.