21 December 2009

Week update

It seems as though I've suddenly turned into "can't catch a break" girl. In the past week:
  • The Little Bug had a cold and cough.
  • The Little Bug had stomach flu.
  • I had stomach flu.
  • I missed a lot of work due to aforementioned illnesses.
  • I am way behind on cleaning the apartment.
  • We had at least 4 inches of snow over the weekend.
  • The Little Bug was climbing on a chair (though he has been told not to, again and again) and fell and hurt his foot.
  • And so forth.
I hope Christmas brings some respite for both of us. A mere 38 hours remain until we depart for California!


Willow said...

Days and days of warm(er) weather and a dozen people just waiting to play with The Bug!

Life is a Marathon said...