02 July 2010

World Cup Football update - quarterfinals for Netherlands

Against pretty much all expectations, the Netherlands blew past Brazil to win their quarterfinals match 2-1. Powerhouse Brazil was heavily favored and dominated the first half, but Netherlands came from behind (aided once by Brazilian team member Melo accidentally knocking the ball into his own goal) and once they were ahead, the Dutch controlled it all to the end. The Brazilian teamed seemed too confused and demoralized to pull together and take back the pitch.

I was working during the majority of the Netherlands/Brazil matchup, but managed to catch the last 15 minutes during lunch at a sports bar. The pulse-pounding action was really over by that point. It was just fun to see the Dutch team essentially playing around and keeping the ball moving while waiting for the clock to run out. When the game ended, the Brazilian team and fans seemed stunned: It was over for them, and definitely not with the results they had anticipated.

Now Netherlands will face Uruguay, I believe, in the semi-finals. I actually didn't believe Netherlands would win over Brazil, but they accomplished it, and so now, Uruguay will be an easy win for them.

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