08 August 2010

Summer Vacation

The Little Bug and I flew and drove all day yesterday (Friday) in order to finally arrive at lovely San Diego. We're tired but having a great time with Willow, Mama Mia, and several other family members. It is unseasonably chilly but we're coping.

More later.


Sherida said...

We would LOVE to see you, if you are in OC, or we will meet you halfway.

Vincent Kirk said...

I second this! Don't know how long you're staying, but I'd love to see you as well. =)

Robby and Candace said...

Miss you both! Hope you have a wonderful time with your family. We look forward to hearing about it and seeing some new pictures of you and Nathan.

Kiti said...

Oh no! I would love to see you folks, but unfortunately, I'm only in San Diego this trip, and I don't have my own transportation to go anywhere else. I'm hoping to travel be in SoCal for the holidays and will let everyone know about it.

I love and appreciate you all!