01 September 2010

Warped 1

I wanted to do a mega-post recounting our adventures at the Warped Tour, but I think I'll have to recap (now a few weeks later, sadly) in a series of snippets.

We started out in proper Warped fashion, by having our mom drop us off at the concert venue. This was hilarious because Mia and I, despite being grown adults who have things like husbands and children and jobs, were still in the same situation as all the teeny-boppers whose mothers were also dropping them off. We were told that there was plenty of space in the parking lot, whereas the dropping-off line was long indeed.

We didn't have to wait very long in line to get in the gates. While we stood about, we enjoyed the ambiance and chatted with the folks behind us in line (pretty much the only other people we could see who were over 21).

We got our picture taken. Photobomb sticker!!

One really cool thing about Warped is that when you're standing in line, people come up to you for all kinds of things. They want signatures for causes, they're passing out stickers or demo CDs, or they're band members who are trying to drum interest and get you to go to their shows later in the day. It's fun to meet such a variety of people (although the PETA folks are invariably annoying), especially the bands.

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Robby and Candace said...

Fun, Deb! Looking forward to hear more of your warped day :)