01 December 2010

NaBloPoMo: Accomplished!

Well, it is slightly after midnight (and thus December already) here in the US Eastern time zone, but it's still November west of here. I have already posted 32 entries in November 2010.

As far as my wisdom teeth are concerned, I'm doing all right. Not much pain to speak of, but I have swelling and bruising on the right side of my mandible and I'm still on some medication, which has the lovely side effect of making me dizzy and lightheaded at times. I'm almost done with that stuff, though.

My life has some struggle centered around the fact that I'm just overwhelmed and exhausted, and the Bug is not making anything easier. I spent 3 hours putting him to bed tonight, and he just refused to go to sleep. I gave up at 11:30 and went to shower, but when I got through with that, I found him in the bedroom still awake. It is now past midnight, as I mentioned, and he is STILL awake. I just can't do this anymore. I can't be a single mom. I can't spend hours and hours of my day just trying to get the child to sleep so that I can get some sleep (because, remember, I'm EXHAUSTED). I have to work tomorrow. I have to be productive at work so I can remain employed and we can avoid being homeless and starving.

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Sherida said...

Oh Deb. It breaks my heart to read this. I want to give you a big hug, then give you a big break. I cannot imagine raising a toddler alone, especially having to work full-time and have that burden on my shoulders, too. You are an amazing women and I admire you for hanging in there.

I wish I had a fool-proof solution for bedtime. It took quite a while for us to get Caleb to stay in his bed and go to sleep. Even tonight, he didn't go to sleep until 11-ish. We have a very consistent pattern, and lots of props. He knows his pattern ... pajamas, then milk and chat on the couch (no tv), brush teeth (get sticker if he doesn't fight), read Bible story, read three books, get in bed (with props, I'll list those next), tuck into bed. Then Mommy leaves the room, turns out the light, and puts up the gate.

Props in bed:
pillow (this seems to be the thing that made it all work),
the books we read (2 or 3),
water cup (with sippy lid),
Mickey Mouse doll,
Pluto doll,
one or two other toys that make music
(sometimes Handy Manny and the Orange M&M make it, too).

Other prop: projector that displays pictures on the ceiling and plays a lullaby song.

He usually still shows up at the door two or three times, and it takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours for him to fall asleep. But, it gives us some much-needed quiet time in the evenings.

Hope this helps!